We are Simona and Carole

It all comes from our passion for a more responsible consumption, for excellence, personal care and well-being. 

After extensive research, we have opted for the quality and exclusivity of the organic bamboo to create a innovative bedding, designed to optimize your rest and ethically made in Spain

B-ESS Bamboo bedsheets have a number of excepcional properties that will improve the comfort of your rest and help care for the skin and hair, favoring a quality sleep. 

This philosophy is what drives our commitment at B-ESS to make your home and your rest a unique experience, throught comfort and self-care while contributing to the well-being of the planet. 

Let your head rest in the absolute smoothness and wake up feeling refreshed.
sabanas de bambu
fundas de bambu
sabanas de bambu

Committed to your rest

Our commitment to the environment, as well as to sustainable and honest textile production, has driven us to manufacture our exclusive bedding collection locally in Spain from 100% bamboo fibre.
We also avoid waste by using shipping boxes and same-fabric bags made in Spain that are completely reusable and recyclable.

In B-ESS every detail is very important, that is why we care for all the steps of the manufacturing process for each product until it reaches your hands.        

This way we always remain true to high standards of quality and care for our clients.

Care and exclusivity in each thread.


  • valores b-ess calidad sábanas de bambú

    Commitment and quality

    Our bamboo products are of superior quality due to their high breathability, softness and confort. Moreover, bamboo fiber has a number of properties that help care for your skin and hair, improving the comfort during sleep. You will feel a soft and silky caress every time you lie down. 

  • valores b-ess medioambiente sábanas de bambú

    Respect for the environment

    Bamboo is a sustainable option, as it is a fast growing plant that does not require pesticides or harmful fertilizers. By choosing our bamboo bedding, you are making an eco-friendly and responsible choice. Take care of yourself and the planet at the same time.

  • valores b-ess cuidado sábanas de bambú

    Care for every detail

    Our bamboo pillowcases and sheets are designed to last. They are sturdy and maintain their softness even after several washes. In addition, their maintenance is very simple, since they can be machine washed. We take care of every detail so you can just enjoy the comfort.