Bamboo´s eco-friendly benefits and properties 

Biodegradable. Bamboo plants, the fabric and any products made of bamboo are completely biodegradable. The fabric is 100% natural cellulosic fibre which makes it biodegradable in soil by sunshine and microorganisms. Its decomposition does not cause any harm and pollution in environment.  

Renewable. Bamboo is called the "green gold" for being highly renewable, easy to grow and harvest, and with a wide variety of uses. The bamboo forests yield is approximately 10 times greater than the yield of the cotton fields. It can grow almost anywhere, including on hills or steep soil surfaces where other trees can barely survive. Its harvest is annual without uprooting the plant, which allows for fast regrowth without replantating it. 

Requires minimum energy and water consumption
. It grows without pesticides, insecticides or fertilizers and with rainfall only (being cultivated mostly in humid areas and due to its roots´ ability to retain water). It grows naturally on its own from same root without requiring machine replanting or special care. This saves time, money, water and energy. 

Carbon neutral. Bamboo fibers “absorb the same amount of carbon dioxide gas from environment during their growth as they release during their production cycles, thus helping in keeping the atmosphere clean.“ Bamboo forests are large factories for photosynthesis which reduces greenhouse gases. Bamboo plants absorb about 5 times the amount of carbon dioxide and produces about 35% more oxygen than an equivalent tree forest. (Sustainable and Environmental Friendly Fibers in Textile Fashion, Report No. 2010.9.14, Muhammad Adnan Ali Muhammad Imran Sarwar University of Borås ) 

Strength and durability. You should not worry about the wear and tear of our bamboo fabric with every wash. Research shows that the bamboo fibres have high durability and stability. These make our bedsheets strong, enduring up to four times more than cotton. This unique characteristic is due to the carbohydrates present in the bamboo plant composition which allows for it to grow up to 30m tall without breaking, even with strong winds or earthquakes. Hence why the bamboo wood is often used on construction sites and skyscraper buildings.

World´s fastest growing plant. Bamboo has very vast root system which allows to grow faster as compared to normal plants and without fertilizers or irrigation. Bamboo growth rate can be up to 91cm per day (is a Guinness Book Record). Bamboo grows to maximum height of almost 30m in 4 months and reaches maturity in 3-4 years.    

Organic growth without pesticides. The antibacterial bio-agent present in the plant allows for a natural resilience against diseases or pests, without requiring pesticides or fertilizers treatments. This means less environmental contamination and also less harmful chemicals in the fabric. Your senstitive skin, therefore, is better cared for. 

Anti-soil erosion. Bamboo has excellent property of anti-soil erosion and is used for land restoration.  Bamboo is cut, not uprooted, allowing it to regrow for regular harvesting without replanting, aiding soil stability.     

No animal cruelty.  Not only is bamboo fabric used for our products vegan, but by the way it is cultivated, processed and manufactured the bamboo fibres used in our collection do not pose a risk for the animals,  unlike convential silk made with worms. 


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