Bamboo´s properties and benefits for your wellbeing

Antibacterial and Hypoallergenic. Bamboo fiber has unique, natural function of anti-bacteria, antifungal, germicidal, hypoallergenic and deodorization. Japan Textile Inspection Association validated that, even after fifty washes cycles, the bamboo fabric still possesses excellent function of anti-bacteria and hypoallergenic. It is an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin, eczema, dermatitis or rashes, and people with body odour.  It’s safe to use even for the delicate baby skin. 

Moisture wicking and anti-aging. The moisture-regulating properties of the fabric are also excellent for the skin. It has high wicking properties similar to silk and unlike materials such as cotton, bamboo does not absorb all the moisture from your skin.  This is a great advantage because dry skin is more likely to develop wrinkles.  

Breathable and thermal regulator Because of tiny hole on its surface the bamboo fabric has natural breathable and cooling properties. Its sweat absorption rate is four times greater than the cotton, and it evaporates it very quickly. Bamboo works as thermal control system throughout all seasons. Your bedsheet and pillowcase are this way kept dry, soft and comfortable.    

Skin acne prevention. Bamboo bedding is the solution if you have sensitive skin or often have zits or acne. Firstly, because its  antibacterial properties help to prevent skin problems, but also because of the incredible softness of its fibre, which reduces friction on the skin and hair, thus reducing excessive sebum production.  

Hair anti-frizz. Because the bamboo fabric is so soft, your hair slides much better against the sheets, so you don't wake up with frizzy hair. 


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